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Akbati Shopping & Lifestyle Centre Istanbul

Client: Development Design Group Inc (DDG) USA

Developed by Akis|GLO, the Akbati Shopping and Lifestyle Centre is one of the largest shopping malls in Istanbul. Akbati’s design, whose inner gardens and galleries reflect the quality of contemporary urban life, was designed by Development Design Group (DDG).

Smooth curves and elegant forms distinguish the architecture throughout the project and highlight the contemporary styling and organic feel of the design. Akbati’s overall presentation reinforces a vision of a vibrant new destination; a standout selection of residential interior designs, lifestyle and retail choices with a combination of breathtaking visuals and first-class amenities that represents the best that Istanbul has to offer. The master-planned project strives for and achieves a balance between intimate residential spaces and exciting retail, dining and entertainment options – both a home and a destination for Istanbul residents.

One of the things that most distinguishes Akbati Shopping Mall from the competition is the Festival Park area with 5,000 people capacity. Akbati Shopping Mall’s Festival Park features cultural activities, concerts and festivals, making it a fun social scene for people of all ages and providing a direct connection with the community.  Mitch Duncan’s holistic approach to architectural photography featured Mustafa Sandal in concert at the Festival Park.

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