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Illogan School Redruth Cornwall

Client: Everlite Concept

Polycarbonate cladding panels from Everlite Concept combine luminosity with thermal insulation to provide solar comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Everlite Concept Danpatherm K7, is a unique, “ready to install” translucent cassette system incorporated into the façade of Illogan School in Redruth, Cornwall.  Danpatherm K7 offers a high-performance façade, which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye while offering the great comfort of natural light to the pupils of the school.

Architectural photographer, Mitch Duncan was commissioned by Everlite Concept to illustrate the benefits of the translucent cladding during daylight with the school hall being bathed in soft diffused light. At night, from the outside the interior lighting gives the entire wall a warm glow enhancing the look of the building.

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