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Architectural Photographer Mitch Duncan understands architectural photography to the extent that his imaginative work places him in demand from discerning clients. The flair and thought in his images come from listening to and understanding the needs of the client. His sharp eye, combined with a natural sense of balance creates inspiring creative compositions for Architects, Property Developers, Consulting Engineers, Construction Companies and Building Product Manufacturers.

Mitch Duncan brings a holistic approach to photographing people-orientated schemes by introducing a ‘human dimension’ to many scenes without distracting from the pure Architecture.  Including people in a photograph gives a sense of purpose to a building, creating interest and atmosphere in showing the use of a scheme through the relationship between people and their environment.

Photography provides the first and sometimes possibly the only time that many people will get to see a project or far off location. Therefore, it follows that first impressions count towards retaining interest and should convey a sense of place, space and purpose. Whether on your website, brochure or presentation, professional photography as a marketing tool is one of the best marketing investments you can make.

My role is to find the WOW on a given subject to provide strong, commercially appealing photography.  I do not take whacky angles. but I do present verticals correctly aligned as a given.  Good Architectural Photography demands an understanding of composition, choosing the best time of day/sunrise/twilight for a particular aspect and perspective as the relationship of one object to another. These considerations take time to come together; however, the results of patience far outweigh the ordinary.


Mitch Duncan

Professional Membership

I.A.A.P. International Association of Architectural Photographers.
A.I.A.P. Association of International Architectural Photographers
B.I.P.P. British Institute of Professional Photography 20 years+


Architectural Photographer (2012 Merit, BIPP) (Wikipedia)
Creative Compositions
Holistic Approach
Interior Photography
Exterior Photography
People Oriented


Cardiff International Pool.,
Abbey Wood Shopping Park, Bristol.,
Isaac Newton Academy, London.,
Lloyds Bank Building, Bristol.,
Golden Square Shopping Centre, Nottingham.,
Development of Bristol Harbourside.,
Victoria Square Shopping Centre, Belfast.,
Mirdif City Centre Mall, Dubai.,
360 Mall, Kuwait.,
Mall of the Emirates, Dubai.,
Akbati Shopping & Lifestyle Centre, Istanbul.